Photos of Life on Johnston Island

4 by 4th of july picnic 6  beach boy 6  island in 54 6  tent city  fix 6 arm wrestle 6 balloon filled 6 balloon 6 dress of the day 6 eal 6 fishing the old fashioned way 6 in the gooney bird 6 let it go 6 loading helium 6 manta (1) 6 manta hanging 6 manta 6 on the road 6 plane on water 6 planes 6 ready 6 really short timer 6 saddled up 6 seeing off the short timer 6 snorkle 6 softball 6 tennis 6 weather sect fix 6 weatherman 6 wreck 54 fig leaf 54 johnston island 54 pa fishing 54ji sunset 57th strat recon wht bg 1954 0n JI full page 1954 johnston i a3c fisherman AF KP another sunset b 29 air sea rescue b 45 b29 air sea rescue b29 landing B29 WORK BARRACKS WASH base chapel BASE HOSPITAL BB court beach boat dock BOQ chapel connie Control  tower CONTROL TOWER fisherman FISHERMEN GOING HOME good by short timer GROUP jet landing in 1954 JET ON RUNWAY JET JI sunset johnston island - sand island keeping from boredom LST manta flying manta hanging manta more manta ray map my shark2 new baracks  late 1954 NO HUHU FISHING BOAT on theadolite 2 open barracks open bay barracks PBY post office postcard pre release release rescue plane with boat overhead SCUBA DIVERS sea side seeing off the short timer SHARK CATCH SPEAR FISHING SNORKLE speared ray starlite theater sunset b29 ji the 1954 johnston island the air sea rescue b29 the balloon release the base hospital the basket ball court the beach the c54 the chappel the control tower the gmd dome the gmd the new construction late 1954 the open bay barracks the pre release the PX the school the shore line THE TENNIS COURT THE TERMINAL the turn around THE UNLOADING the weather   guy THE WEATHER SECTION theatolite_edited USO show arives uso show VIEW FROM CONTROL TOWER b w VIEW FROM CONTROL TOWER dif color view from tower weather team WEATHERMAN NESJA WEATHERMEN, CAN YOU TELL THE SHORT TIMERS