Bruce Weatherly

Name: Bruce Weatherly
Location: Lebanon, Oregon
Year: 1970-1971
Date: Sunday, May 14, 2006
Time: 12:26:30 AM


This is a nice site about JI. I served as an Engineman second class in the USCG on Sand Island. I put in for duty in Nam and instead ended up at JI. I did enjoy my tour, the best of fishing ever, and great snorkeling. I do not remember any USO shows at all during my tour, either my memory is bad or they were just for the personel on the main Island JI. In any case I always wanted to come back out to JI someday and relive those good old days of snorkeling and fishing. I had about two months to go on JI when the nerve gas came, I was the last one allowed to keep my beard. Saw two rocket launches while stationed on the Island. I would not trade my tour on JI for anything, it was a great time.
Bruce Weatherly

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