Joe Gibilisco

Name: Joe Gibilisco
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Year: ’94 – ’95 & 2003 to closure
Date: Friday, April 28, 2006
Time: 10:19:04 AM


Very nice website. I was the Chaplain (Army) and later a Raytheon contract Chaplain up until closure.

While JI was notorious for partying, etc., some people are not aware that there were a number of people who actively practiced their faith while there. I was privileged to serve those folks on two occasions. As we closed down the chapel the small JI congregations were able to help a lot of homeless folk in Honolulu by giving clothing and other items to River of Life Mission — downtown Honolulu — as well as build churches in many third world countries.

Thanks for your efforts and for all who served on JI.


Chaplain (LTC) Joe Gibilisco, USA, ret.

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