Jay Rudko

Name: Jay Rudko
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL
Year: 1975
Email: jaybirdr100@hotmail.com
Date: Sunday, April 23, 2006
Time: 10:40:16 AM


Three months on the rock! I was TDY with the Det. 2, 18th SURS for the changeover of the Baker-Nunn system from military to civilian operation. And what a three months it was! I had more fun there in three months than I did anywhere else I was stationed. Part of the fun was volunteer work at AFRTS, running camera for “TV10 Dimensional News”, and running the first 5 hours of programming on TV10 on Saturdays. I also did an occasional fill-in on AFJI as well. Carl Sargent, Andy Anderson, and Dave Harrington (with whom I’m still in touch) were some of the most memorable people I met there. I was also on the rock for a rocket launch. Most of the island was evacuated to the area by the JOC building. I got to watch the launch from the roof. I also saw another familiar name on the site; Jim Schwilling and I were stationed together at Edwards AFB, HQ for the 18th Surveillance Sq. I have some great memories of the rock, and I’ll never forget the great time I had there; the food, the friends, now if only there would have been women…

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