White Michael

Name: White Michael
Location: Fort Benning, Ga
Year: 22 Mar 86 – 16 Mar 87
Email: michael.c.white1@us.army.mil
Date: Friday, March 24, 2006
Time: 10:18:21 AM


I have retired from the Army, still work for the army. I was there when HQ’s personnel live down on the north end of the island. I was a 55R and worked in Ops as stock control/rto. MSG Leonard was the Ops NCOIC and CW4 Beetle was the OPS OIC. I was once a “newbie” and a pride owner of a 20 yr old “Red Hat Pin”. Their was no women on the island at that time (military women). Bingo, steak nite and hot dogs and burger on sundays with softball. Their was an old lady on the island that was so sweet Wendy, she worked at the swimming pool. I was glad to find this site, thanks. Michael C White

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