Chuck Langlois

Name: Chuck Langlois
Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Year: TDY, 1969-1970
Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Time: 10:20:12 AM


Did a couple of TDY tours of J.I. in the late 60′s. Installed some TTY equipment and a computer. Which, by the way, was as in the JACADS building and took up almost an entire floor. Was with Det 5, PACGEEIA out of Hickam. I have fond memories of the place but why wouldn’t I? Only there a few weeks at a time. Some of them include: Happy Hour at the club. Orange Blossom Specials for a buck. I believe this drink contained almost a shot of most booze the bar stocked! Mixed drink specials for 10 cents. Man, could you get hammered on a few dollars! I caught one USO show while there. A good band and a couple of girl singers. Guys would be at the club at 8:00 AM to get a good seat for the 8:00 PM show! Of course the food was the best! Steak on Saturday, with strawberry shortcake for dessert. This included a huge bowl of strawberries at each table. And Prime Rib on Wednesdays. The outdoor theater which had some good flicks. Even bad ones, but who cared! The “shit chute” where we would fish for shark late at night. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, anywhere. The peace and quiet. Only the sound of the ocean and an occasional vehicle. But the best was July of ’69. President Nixon was there to be helicoptored out to the Hornet for the Apollo 11 splashdown. The next day he rode on a jeep down the main street of J.I., waving at the guys with cameras and frowning at the ones without -expecting a salute. What a historical moment in time. Our job was done a few days later and we went back to Hickam. They unloaded the Apollo 11 crew at the end of Hickam and still in the isolation capsule rode them down the main street of the base. I was there to offer a salute to them which they returned. What a day. Yeah, alot of memories of a few visits to a little island. Great place.

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