Dosie R. Maassen

Name: Dosie R. Maassen
Location: Potterville Michigan
Year: Mar 88- Mar 89
Date: Sunday, March 05, 2006
Time: 01:18:52 PM


How many of you think this was one of the best times of your life. After work, things were pretty much laid back. Didn’t have to worry about much of anything except which little club to go to or if there was a boat for use at the boathouse. Twenty five cents a pound for fuel, and you could spend all day fishing, snorkeling of diving. Lots of red coral, and LOTS of good friends. Ten years in the Army and JI was the best. I couldn’t wait to leave, and then realized I couldn’t wait to get back. Thanks for the great website. Dosie R. Maassen P.S. How many of ya’ll remember the raffel we had on Dec 11, 1988. Sold tickets for $100.00 a piece and gave away over $48,000.00 in prizes. 1st prize, $15,000.00. Guy in the laundry won it. Take care|

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