Richard K. Berger

Name: Richard K. Berger
Location: New Jersey
Year: Jan-Dec 1973
Date: Friday, February 17, 2006
Time: 03:34:53 PM


Doc, You have done a heck of a job putting this site together. It brings back “fond” memories and creates some new horrible nightmares. I was assigned to the USAF Communications Squadron in the Teletype/Crypto shop, was in the bar/lounge when it caught fire from a grease fire on the griddle, on full alert for three days during the Yom Kippur/Ramadan War, fractured a vertebrae in a diving board accident at the Olympic pool, became the base photographer and photographed and developed the USAF released photos of Comet Kohoutek, had a radio show on AFRTS and was a television cameraman for the evening news. In my spare time we bet on the what bird would land first, Shopped the PX with the sign above the door “What you want we ain’t got, What we got you can’t afford”, lost all my hold baggage in the Pacific on rotating out to include pay records so I did not get paid until nine months after returning stateside. What a country. Keep up the great work. How about some souvenirs or a gift shop link?

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