LeAnne (Spc Norcross) Hosmer

Name: LeAnne (Spc Norcross) Hosmer
Location: Ohio
Year: 1992-1993
Email: hosmers_k9@adelphia.net
Date: Friday, February 10, 2006
Time: 12:11:40 PM


Hi guys! I was stationed on The Rock later than a lot of you, but my late uncle, George Klein was stationed there many many years ago. I’m not sure when or what he did but he used to tell me stories of how there weren’t any women out there and I guess would ship out some lady companions ;) now and then. lol. I really miss it out there. I have many fond memories. I only spent a year there, but I was seriously concidering extending my tour there if it wasn’t for my pending K-9 School in TX. What I really miss the most (other than improving my suntan) was how close everyone was, military and civilian. It was one big huge family and it was so sad the day I had to leave. Karin… do you have any pictures or anything you can share from 1992-93? I only have a few, it would be nice to go back down memory lane!

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