Karin Demko

Name: Karin Demko
Location: Denver, CO
Year: 8/17/1988 to 9/23/2003
Email: jispecialk@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, February 10, 2006
Time: 09:03:44 AM


This is one of the better sights that I have recently visited. Thanks to you for putting it together. I’ve only been home for a little over two years, but Johnston Island is STILL very much a part of me. After spending 15 years there…it was sad to leave….but, it was time to leave and suffice it to say, I left a part of me there too! I have such fond memories of the island. But, most important, the people made the place. They were my “Ohana” for all those years. One thing’s for sure–no matter how many years go by, should you run into someone that you knew years ago on “the Rock”…you will have an instant bond…a commradere that will never fade. I was there when they finished building JACADS. I was there when they started up and when they shutdown. AND…I’d STILL be there if it wasn’t time for all of us to go. I will treasure my life there and hold it dear to my heart….AND, when I’m missing the island…all I have to do is view this website and be transported back in time OR just pop one of my 100+ movies that I filmed while I was living there…… Thanks again for allowing me another glimpse of paradise. Best regards, Karin

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