Efren “Danny” Delgado

Name: Efren “Danny” Delgado
Location: Puerto Rico
Year: 1976-77
Email: yo_hermano@msn.com
Date: Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Time: 09:46:30 AM


Isolation from the world and our families while being exposed to the bi-products of maintaining peace…and yet there was the great human interaction of dedicated and professional men having a good time despite the odds. My honor and pleasure to remember JI and all of your experiences.I bow to all of you. I was with the AF as the one of two telephone dudes maintaining the phone system then.I also bartended at the club. To get off for a while I went to Enewetok for the beginning of the big cleanup.I did get homesick for JI while there…Wow! Anyone there remember the scare when a Russian Naval Vessel broke down near JI? The big bust of civilians exporting and smuggling fish to Hickham using the Mail Bird? Or the disguised pimping that when on when the USO gave a show with available ladies? And on and on…I am now dealing with Prostate Cancer and other linked issues.I was safer at Nam!..Cheesh. God Bless all of you and please email me if I can be of any help even if it is just to remember the good times.

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