Larry M. Kellerman

Name: Larry M. Kellerman
Location: Baxter, Minnesota
Year: December 1968-December 1969
Date: Monday, January 30, 2006
Time: 09:09:47 AM


Served with the Joint Task force as a radio announcer and in television production. We had enough staff to run radio 24 hours a day; and operated television from 6 p.m. to Midnight with a live news broadcast at 6 p.m. Our television programing consisted of 16mm productions of old state-side comedies and westerns. In the eveings, I supervised a small library which was located on the second floor above the slotcar track and weight room across the street from the theatre. We had a current book exchange with Hickham Airforce Base in Honolulu. Everyone seemed to have temporary ownership of a bicycle while on base. Uniform shorts, sneekers, knee socks and baseball caps made for comfortable conditions. Many evening hours were spent between the NCO club, overlooking the runway; and the Riggers which had a nice beach front setting. Country singer Jody Miller performed for the USO. The PX offered great prices on the latest technology such as reflect lens cameras, surround stereo, and reel to reel tape recorders. When mine sweeping ships came to port, we would trade moves for a couple of days to show over our television system.

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