Van Woody Jr.

Name: Van Woody Jr.
Location: Pembroke, NH
Year: 1971
Date: Thursday, January 26, 2006
Time: 09:13:19 AM


Thanks Doc for the site. I served with the 490the Transportation Unit out Ft. Eustis VA as E-5 Sergeant in 1971, we trained constantly for the JI from early AM to late afternoon from Feb 71 and then riot control during the evening prior to our employment with “Mission Red Hat Phase ONE.” My assignment was Security from 1800 HOURS until 0800 HOURS the following morning, mostly boring assignement. You can not find this Unit anywhere, wonder why, to many possible claims? The Defense Department never informed us of two nuclear test missile lauches in 1962 were aborted over the runway of the Island causing radioactivity for the past 40 years and was not unitl Doc’s sight and “Johsnton Atoll Benefits for Surviors,” neil Hamilton of JABS National coordinator I found that I had similar illness as many soldiers have after I served there in 1971. The Surgeon at Mass Gen Hospital found a module on my thyroid in 1982 at the age of 32 and the thyroid was totally removed in 1983, I have constant kidney and liver problems unexplained until I found those sights, I was non-smoker and drinker all my life. I think my exposure in Vietnam in 1970 to Agent Orange and my exposure to radiation and asbestos on the Island my have contributed to some of the problems I have encountered? Again, Thanks Doc and I wish everyone well, the pictures bring back visions of the past. We were not allowed cameras, trips to Honolulu or WOMAN. WOW! HA! Keep up the great work Doc. Van Woody Pembroke, NH

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