John Buzzerio

Name: John Buzzerio
Location: Bay Shore, NY
Year: 4/75 to 5/76
Email: or
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Time: 01:14:20 PM


Ah, Doc Streeter- the AFRTS DJ. The website looks real nice. Remember Kim Penfold, “The Roadrunner”? Well, I hung out w/him as he did his shows on Sunday mornings for a while, finding albums and cuing them up while he did his thing. I was one of the “Rabbit Men”; in fact, I turned over “command” of the Rabbit Room to Joe Scott, who was my replacment. While I was there, we never lost a rabbit, but we did have a few scares. You don’t know what it’s like to be at the carpentry shop during duty hours and hearing that siren/alarm go off, then racing back to the Red Hat area in the Dodge pickup w/o gas masks… and we held our breath as we ran into the building (as if that would help). Boy, were we lucky it was a false alarm. The Shit Chute, steaks on Saturday, prime rib on Wednesday, Sunday brunch, really good burgers for lunch…USO shows. I had the good fortune to volunteer as an escort for one of the shows and I fell madly in love (lust) with one of the girls- I still fantasize about her. Thor missle launches- there were two while I was there and both events were cause for big-time partying (I think the national sport on JI at the time was beer-drinking). I do have pictures of both launches, as well as some miscellaneous shots from around the island. Remember Captain Spinaio, Muttsy Dog, Humper Thumper and Fat Bob? How about the outdoor theater and the “Last Resort”, or “Kegler’s Corner”? Time to get back to work. I’ll check the site often, and if I ever get a scanner, I’ll try to remember to e-mail the pix that I do have. Good luck with the site.

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