Rodolfo Arriaga

Name: Rodolfo Arriaga
Location: McAllen, Texas
Year: 1974-75
Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Time: 10:08:16 PM


I was the administrative clerk on Johnston Atoll from September 1974 to Aug 1975 for Det 2 1957 Com Gp. Capt Redding was My OIC and MSgt Gordon was my NCOIC. I became quite ill while on the island after going diving off of the west end of the island by diving off a drainage pipe that came out of the high fenced area that I now realize was the Agent Orange storage location. The water along the shore was a nasty greasy brown sludge with dead fish and trash. As you walked out toward the end of the drain pipe the water cleared up. I another airman went snorkleing off of that drain pipe. I became so ill i went from 181 lbs to less than 135bs in a matter of a couple of weeks. I developed horrible rashes in my scalp, arm pits, and groin. The skin of my hands and feet peeled off. When I got back to the states my wife had a miscarriage and the fetus was extreamly deformed. I have never fathered another child. I have had my gall bladder removed because it was crystalized and suffer form hypertension and type II diabetes and the rashes have never cleared up. I have filed for compensation for agent orange and have been denied because as the VA stated I am not an in country Vet. I have also lost over 70% of the hearing in my right ear and 51^ in my left which started in the island when I came down with a seaver ear infection while on the Island. PTSD from the stress of the illnesses and the hostile environment of Johnston Atoll have at times completely incapacitated me. Does anyone remember the Black Army soldiers that were raping others on the island… I do.

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