Bill Gallagher

Name: Bill Gallagher
Location: Sebastian, FL
Year: 1966-1967
Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Time: 08:16:24 PM


During my tour I was station with the 1957 Det 1 AFCS. Worked in the JOC building and also worked in a smaller building doing work load control. Spent alot of time fishing, sailing and drinking. Wednesday nite was prime rib and Saturday nite was steak nite. Gain a lot of weight while there. Lived in a three story building with pool table and card tables on each floor. The Island (Rock) was use to track satelites and launching of small rockets. Launch one Thor while I was there. Island was also used as a target by Vandeburg. There were no women on island as it was considered Isolated and remote duty. One USO show with students from Wayne State University, Mich., put on a show at the outdoor theater. Also had a small sail boat dock there with mechanical problems and it caused alot of ruckus. When I first arrive they had all cameras confiscated. We were issued Radec detectors and sunglasses the Radecs were check monthly. Shark fishing down at the garbage ramp was great. Caught lots of sharks then cut out the jaw and cleaned the flesh from the jaw then set coat hanger wire to hold jaw until it was dry. Main transportation was bicycle or jeep. Only rain at night while we were watching a movie. Deep sea fishing was done on a 28ft power cat. Sailing was done on small one man sailboats and scuba from the pontoon barges the Navy maintained. Holmes and Narver was the island contractor. Coast Guard lived on Sand Island, Navy kept the LCU and two PT boats and also were medics. No uniforms. Issued kakky bermuda shorts and blue keds for shoes. Most of the time wore shorts and t-shirts. Weekend passes to Hawaii were common so you could catch a flight on a C124 (Five hours) or Northwest Prop. Had a great time there and would do it all over again. To bad the goverment had to use it as a hazardous waste dump.

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