Colin Saxton

Name: Colin Saxton
Location: Scottville, MI
Year: 1973
Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Time: 01:06:44 PM


Great Job on the web site, Doc! Thanks a lot for the great memories. Keith, the rabbit that the Army had for a mascot was First Lt. Humper Thumper. I was with the 267th Chemical Company “Red Hats”, as an NCO in charge of the “biological monitors” — in other words, rabbits. They were used to check for leaks in any of the chemical munitions bunkers, and First Lt. Humper Thumper was their honorary commanding officer. I have the picture of the outdoor theatre as wallpaper on my computer desktop, and I have great memories of Johnston whenever I see it. Any other Army-types out there from 1973??

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