Keith Eichenlaub

Name: Keith Eichenlaub
Location: Newport News, Va
Year: 76-77
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2006
Time: 10:25:24 PM


Thanks for finding some of us Doc.Sure do rememeber you. Joe Scott was your room mate, dropped you a email to let you know his full name and a bit more. We served together a few years after JI. He was the Rabbit man,(vet tech) when we used rabbits to make sure there wasnt any leakers. (yes rabbits died) Hey what was the name of the Massive mascot rabbit down by the Red Hat area? Anyways I was first assigned to run the swing brush in Reno,mmm doesnt sound fun or safe, MPs where short handed and wanted OJTers. Hand in the air I started as a 95B, working the front gate, badge exchange, walking the interior, punching the time check station clocks. Got into diving, playing guitar,working out, loved the chit chut shark fishing, and of course as all of us counting the days. Some fared better then others but over all we did well. No women in those days allowed on the Rock. I rememeber the first briefing about the dangers, carry your Protective mask always, and there wouldnt be women on the island because of the danger of them becoming sterile, as we all wondered Im sure why we were there then since our stuff is outside our bodies and could they tell us….., off to the next question they quickly went. Work was hard, masks filled with sweat on those hot days, poured out and dried before continuing on. Walking the rows looking for leakers in the orange area. Ahhh the memories, lol. I used to work the switch board also with a Af Buddy just to get a free extra morale call out and get to see the movie since shift work screw ya outta watching the newest flick on the rock. Rememeber when Jaws came out? Anyways, thanks for the work here Doc, will help ya out with the pics I do have, most of the boring hey take a pic of me stuff but a few nice ones, around the Red Hat gate shack before the turnstyle went in. Looking forward to see who all wonders this way, from a time now long ago.

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